About Us

We have been into the researcher suite and have experienced a greater challenge when it comes to re-use or reproduce the published results. It led to the loss of many of our resources, valuable time and left us utterly frustrating and annoying as it was not easy to reach out and get the secret sauce of the original work. These also lead sometime to a sense of paranoia whether to progress your research on anybody’s published work or not?

We realised that there is gap in the system to record and preserve these valuable work and artefacts and reward further those who have contributed towards it in the long run.

Our Team

Varma D Aadi Narayana
Head - Product & Innovation

Aadi was doing his PhD at one of the premier research laboratory in India (Centre of Excellence in TB Research) before he co-founded Profeza. He was passionate about making research more reusable. He is a self-taught programmer and loves to get his hands dirty while building the scalable prototypes.

Sheevendra Sharma
Head - Strategy & Outreach

Sheevendra comes with experience of working in Biotech Industry at various positions from product management to sales and marketing. During his last role as Sales Associate at Life Technologies Inc. (Acquired by Thermofisher Scientific) has been awarded on several occasions for his performance before he co-founded Profeza along with Aadi.

Mohit Bagga
Head - Research & Technology

Mohit is a hacker by nature and his out of box thinking makes him even better. His calm & never crack under pressure allows him deliver the best crafts on time even in the most difficult situations. He has immense crave to work with start-ups to satisfy his hacker appetite. He worked us CTO & Consultant in the past with Kickstartjobs, Rutogo, Townsville etc..

Tarun Biswas
Head - Finance

23+ Years of experience in Finance and Accounting, with multitude of experience ranging from IT industries to manufacturing and food industry.

Advisory - Team

Fiona Murphy
Strategic Advisor

She is specialised in emerging scholarly communications with particular emphasis on Open Science and Open Data. She is a past and current member of several research projects including PREPARDE , Data2Paper and the Belmont Forum. She is co-chair of the WDS-RDA Publishing Data Workflows Working Group, a member of the RDA Europe Industry Advisory Board and on the organising committee for the Force11 Scholarly Commons Working Group, and sits on the boards of the data repository, Dryad.

Sunjay Nayyar
Finance Advisor

Entered into business at a young age of 18. His far-sightedness, hard work, never say die attitude, zeal and enthusiasm sum up his personality. He is always striving towards excellence and open towards new opportunities. It is his dedication and vision that made him He is a multi faceted industrialist who ventured into different businesses- Packaging Machines, Chain of Restaurants, Exports in furnishings-making him a multi faceted industrialist.