Best Research Practices: Capture and showcase best research practices by the researchers and institutions standpoint towards it.
Doing Reproducible research: Establishing robust foundation of doing reproducible research
Capturing event of re-use and reproduce: Capturing and recognising all the event of research validation and re-use, both within the Institute and Outside.
For Compliance to Open Data, DMP(Data Management Plan) and along with best research practices without building a repository of your own.
Guide your Researchers in making their research more reusable with built-in ML models which auto-suggests for suitable repositories to deposit their research artefacts.
Track the Impact through reuse unlike traditional metrics, and provide custom analytic dashboard that span across Individual departments, labs etc..
Indicators that advocate and award best research practices: Moving towards finding new ways of evidence based research assessment beyond IF and citations, which rewards the open and best research practices of the researchers.

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