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CREDIT Suite is a workflow tool for Authors and reusers to make the scientific outputs more easily reusable & it captures the events of reuse over a period of time to reward those who have contributed towards. It makes the improvement of research outputs a continuous process rather than one-time event.

Reuse Recipe Document

A blue print of experimental design & observations obtained during the research study. It encompasses the materials, procedures, data sets and analysis of the individual experiments. These are Dynamic & Interoperable.
  • Enabling researchers to create a guiding document for enhancing easy reuse of his research.
  • A workflow tool to deposit all Additional Research Outputs(AROs) including raw, experimental repetitions, null/negative results, protocols and data-sets to respective repository.
  • Incentivising Author on continuous improvement of Re-use Recipe Document through version history and DOI's.

Capturing Reuse

This system helps to capture, recognise, track and reward reuse instance and link it to the ORCID ID of the reuser even before the citations happens. It allows authors or original contributors to accumulate more reuse instances, leading to increase in credibility of his research over the period of time and it also enables a feedback mechanism loop between the original contributor and other researchers
  • Enables reusers to record their reuse instances and guides authors to improvise the reusability of the document in a continous manner
  • Re-profiling reuser based on the inputs to improvise the reusability of science.
  • Reuse instances helps bridge the gap between downloads and citation by enabling to understand how researchers use what they are citing.

Rewarding Reuse

This system rewards both the reusers and the original researcher by assigning Reproducible Links that aid track the events of reuse and reproducibility of the content. Some of the other benefits of reproducible links include...
  • Reproducible links are associated with DOI's
  • A Digital backlink will be created which can be used by reuser to link his main article in order to ascertain how they have used the one they have cited.
  • Helps bridge the gap between downloads and citations.

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